Personnel Training

In Chipown, every employee is free to put forward their own working ideas and views and be fully respected. We adhere to people-oriented, service-oriented personal philosophy; for all employees to create a good working environment, so that everyone has space for further development. 


Working Environment 

● We have convenient traffic location, comfortable office environment, and warm working atmosphere.

● We have laboratories with advanced equipments in Wuxi, Suzhou,Nanjing and Shenzhen including one provincial Power IC Engineering Research Center.

HR Culture

● Focused on human intelligence and character in the recruitment, we strive to provide each member of the family with the best possible stage to display their talent. Hiring fresh and outstanding graduates as well as experienced professionals is our clear path to bringing in quality employees.

● Our strong & determined core team and simple relationships together with passion and innovative atmosphere will help you to concentrate on the professional field in continuous exploration and efforts.

Training Program

● Chipown has a State-level post-doctoral work station, and a South-East University graduate internship base with a sound and mature training system., We encourage and help you to participate ( master of engineering, PhD, post-doctoral) in-service continuing education.

● For new employees, we have a detailed introduction plan for each employee before joining in and will designate a adviser for each new employee to provide basic training and support.

● We offer both practical internal mentoring style functional training, and external professional training 

● We often organize technical seminars, living seminars and welfare policy advocacy to let you know the information and to deepen exchanges with colleagues.